Great! We are so glad you’re interested in submitting an article.  The Sueños Realizados blog is a place to be encouraged, inspired and motivated. We want writers to join us who are passionate about our vision and who can help us train growing leaders to bring the Gospel of Christ to the ends of the earth.

– Sueños Team


Here are some guidelines to follow for an article submission.


     Stage 1: Subscribe and become a member!

     This lets us know who you are. You may send your article as an attachment to

     You may also send us a link to your website (optional) and your organization’s name.

     Please let us know how you found out about us. That's it! It's easy!

     Stage 2: If approved for publication to our site, we may request content revisions if they are necessary.

     Stage 3: We may format the article to match the look and feel of our blog. We may or may not add an/your image with your logo and URL                address. We will place your name as the official author under the category “Guest Blog.” This will be a permanent post.

     Stage 4: We will notify you once your blog has been published.

Increase your chances of article approval.

     1. Your article should be your own original content to our site. It should not be accessible anywhere else on the internet.

     2. Your article should range in length from 300 -1,500 words.

     3. Your article must align with our purpose. Please take a look at our PURPOSE for more info about what our aim is at Sueños Realizados.

     4. You may request for us to remove your article at any time. We may for any reason delete your article once it’s up on our site.

     5. For copyright purposes, you must be the original creator of your content including images you submit for article publication.
         By submitting your article, you are giving us permission and license to use your original and unique article for publication to our site.

     6. Here are some but not all styles of blogs you can create:

         - First-person or second person account

         - List format (“4 new ideas that…”, “5 things to watch for this….”)

         - Opinion or commentary on current events

         - Interview with experts in specific fields (leadership, ministry, missions, education, etc.)

         - “How To” blog that accomplishes a specific goal or solves a particular problem.

Remember to have fun. This is good for your soul.

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