We want to provoke and encourage emerging leaders to live and teach integrity, compassion, grace, justice, love for others and passion for the glory of Jesus Christ. By actively connecting established ministries with one another and facilitating movement and communication between different parts of the church body, we hope to encourage the spiritual growth of young people who will grow to become the future leaders of our world. There is an obvious need for outreach in our communities and discipleship in our young people. So we must be able to thrive in positions of public influence to be able to lead a generation that has not grown up in church to the saving knowledge of Christ. Sueños Realizados is an answer to this calling. We exist to fulfill this purpose. By the grace of God, we will accomplish all He has purposed us to do.


"To train and equip growing leaders and bring the Gospel of Christ to the ends of the earth.”


“To facilitate and coordinate ministry and outreach programs among the church body primarily throughout the Americas and then across the nations.”


 Leadership. Outreach. Discipleship.  



Fabian and Janette currently reside in south Texas in the Rio Grande Valley where they are school teachers. They serve in their home church at Luz Para Las Naciones under the pastorship of Dr. Jose G. Reyes.

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