Holy Spirit,

Teach us to be like the prophet Nehemiah. Even though he was surrounded by more and more corrupting influences, he decided to lead a life of deep devotion to you.

Let us be like that man Lord. His heart broke for his people when he saw his city was defenseless. He knew it was time to return his focus towards home again. It was a city without walls. Let our hearts burn bright and beautiful with a passion for our own cities and the people of our hometown. Let us be examples to our own kin of what is to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Let our faith be active and observable. Let our message be clear. Let our integrity be our greatest weapon.

While the world is watching the problems of the world through the media, let us be a people calling out in our living rooms and bed rooms to one who can give us the solutions to those problems.

Now more than ever we need to listen to the wisdom of God. Open our ears Lord. Help us to hear your voice.

You are a God filled with mercy toward the people of the earth. Though man is a liar you speak the truth. We can stand on the solid rock of your promises and know that you will fulfill all the word you have given the church and this land. We are ready Lord.