Running Solo. Part 1

Hi. My name is Janette. I’m the extrovert. I have a loud laugh, am hardly ever shy in front of a crowd, and will become a prominent public speaker.

Before I do this of course, I must learn how to be successful at being alone. Many of you might be thinking...Ha. Being alone. That's so easy! How could she not know how to be alone???

Well, as many of you other extremely extroverted people may know, it's not as easy as it sounds.

Hold on, extremely extroverted?

Yes, extremely extroverted. Meaning that you create your energy by being around people. You can literally feel your energy level rise as you enter a crowded room. Don't get me started, especially when you actually begin to communicate and connect with people! Ah! It's almost as good as food! (I said almost) I'm talking about when, even in your sadness you just want to be around people. Maybe I'm talking nonsense or maybe I have cracked a code...

See, a goal in my life is to not only communicate with people effectively, but to also connect with people. People. All kinds of people. Far and wide. From all different parts of the world. Not just the extroverts of the world, but the introverts as well.

Lucky for me, I married a man who is an extroverted introvert. Ah. My hubby. A man who can wield his extroverted superpowers, and can also summon the powerful forces of all things introverted... Amazing.

I am convinced that although extroverts are at the front lines of battle, and are usually fearless leaders, the introverts possess a most important leadership tool. A tool which has helped extroverts. Those who have learned how to use this tool become better communicators, better connectors, and most importantly better leaders. Which tool is it Jan? Which tool? Solitude my friends. Solitude.


Step 1:

Create a list of activities to do alone.

The purpose of this list is to help me learn how to be alone and productive. If you don’t have a list, maybe you could try mine ;)

My current list:

-create quiet time schedule (me ALONE with Jesus)

-go running

-study the bible

-cook new things

-learn to knit


Best wishes!