In the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, Finland, the American Boxer Ed Sanders fought his way into the final bout for the Gold medal by knocking out two opponents. He defeated a third fighter so viciously the referee had to stop the fight. Sanders’ final opponent, Ingemar Johansson (a future world champion) was so afraid of being knocked out by Sanders that he was disqualified from the fight for his lack of aggression. Ed Sanders was awarded the Gold medal.

Two years later, Ed Sanders was knocked unconscious in the 11th round by Willie James. He was rushed to the hospital where he died at the age of 24.

His record was 6 wins with 3 by knockout.

No matter how good someone thinks they are, there is always someone greater.

James J. Braddock known as “Cinderella Man” 50 wins 25 by knockout

Jack Dempsey 54 wins 44 by knockout.

Sugar Ray Robinson 173 Wins, 108 by knockout

There was always somebody greater.

Now when the time came for them to fight their final challenger, Death itself, they lost!

In the movies, the boxer Rocky Balboa said “Time: it’s undefeated.”

There is always somebody greater.

Death came for Ed Sanders.

Death came for James Braddock.

Death came for Sugar Ray Robinson.

BUT! There was a time…when Death came for Jesus.

Death didn’t know there is someone who is greater. Who is undefeated. Who will not lose. Who cannot lose. Who will always win. That is why we are here today to celebrate Jesus’ victory over Death.

Jesus’ record 1 win 1 by knockout.


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