Thailand's Next Top Models

Friends & Family,

During our weekly visits in the red-light area in Chiang Rai, it doesn't take one long to realize that the ladies who work at bars and massage parlors, although they are often seen wearing makeup and a smile, don't feel beautiful! When the topic of beauty is brought up, they almost always rebuttal the comments of being beautiful with some form of, "No, I am not beautiful." It hurts me to hear them respond with this but it also makes me realize that they will never understand their true beauty unless they know the One in whose image they've been created.

Invitation in Thai given to the ladies.

God gave me the idea of having a photo shoot for the ladies there while I was still in the states. People here love taking pictures, especially the women. And because God is a sovereign God, He's been working behind the scenes to get everything prepared for this event even before He gave me the idea! When I returned to Thailand, I started sharing the idea with Pastor Jit and another member of her church to include them in the planning of the event. It's been extremely encouraging to see them participate and even give ideas during our meetings. I see it as the beginning of ongoing events where they will be the ones planning and organizing events with the end goal of discipleship and transformation in the lives of these women. Also, God brought a special Filipina friend, she is here to teach at a school in Thailand. She will be the photographer for this special event.

Photo shoot meeting with Pastor Jit, visiting friend, and Mon

God has been reminding me that my nature is to be a risk taker! The only way that His kingdom will be advanced is by force. Not by forcing the Gospel on someone, but by standing my ground in the spiritual realm on behalf of these souls and by continuously reaching out in love even when I hit walls of rejection or fear. One day they WILL say yes to Jesus out of their own free will and that promise is enough for me!

Thank you for your prayers!!!

Love, Yolanda

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