Dear Youth Ministers

Dear youth ministers,

Maybe God will speak to you as He is doing with me. Maybe it's better said that you're ministers to young people since you're ministers first. You're pastors first. Don't reach out only to the young. You're the church to the whole family not just a particular demographic. Sometimes God's way of reaching the family is through the children. We are called to carry a sacred trust. We have a promised hope that is secured. We have Jesus.

The medical systems of the world are preparing for the bodily destruction that COVID is bringing to the people in our communities. The universities are setting up mental health programs for the mental health crisis taking place currently. They'll be the pipeline of social workers and counselors soon coming up. What is the church doing?

Our young generation is one of the most unchurched, unparented, most isolated and loneliest generations in a lifetime. What do they need? They need you! They need what you carry. They need your words to be God's Word. They need your light to guide them to God's Light. They need your Christian witness to be true and in alignment with scripture. They need your acts of kindness and words of mercy to demonstrate the love of Jesus. They don't need your sarcasm. They don't need you to take advantage of them. They need a leader. They need a mentor. Be the shepherd that God can trust. Walk worthy of the calling He has called you too. Don't hide the Biblical Truth from them or try to make it more palatable. Guide their hearts with gentleness motivated by Love. You have to let them struggle with the truths of the Bible. They need to work out their own salvation with fear and trembling. They need you to be the men and women of God they think you are. Remove the hidden things that dilute your spirit. They need you to lead them with a clear conscience.

Do all this with excellence before God. You're a chaplain for today's world. You were not born in the wrong generation. God has trusted you with His children. When you call, God will answer. You will do great things. You're more important than you know. You have more influence than you believe. Go get 'em guys. I believe in you. More importantly, they believe in you. They need you. They really do.

- A fellow brother

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