From a Misfit

Somewhere between junior high and high school, that period where one tries to find themselves; I had a group of friends that I belonged to.  A click if you'd like to call it that.  We were young and stupid because we knew it all; and we all wanted to be in the spotlight.  I was the clown of the group with my jokes and pranks, goofing off and making everyone laugh.  I had started drinking at the time, sneaking off on the weekends, cursing, getting into trouble...being an ungrateful punk.  I attended church and started getting involved in a youth group, but still I lived my own life hidden from my parents, family, and church.  I had my friends who loved me just the way I was.  In our click, there was the typical cool guy, the strong arm, the pretty one, the "fun" one, that is to say the one that was easy, the one that got the booze, the one that always got in trouble, etc, etc. 

Then there was Lorie. 

She was pretty, had long straight brown hair, brown almond eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses, wore overalls and her tennis.  She was the good Christian girl.  She hung out with us and we loved her.  Really...we all did...and I really never quite got why she would hang out with us, cause we were misfits.  She never judged us and never preached to us, but she was the one that stood out to me.  She shined.  And maybe it was the fact that she stood strong in her faith, beliefs, and convictions.  Not on the defensive or offensive...just matter of fact kind of.  She was a Christian, there was no disputing that, that was just who she was.  There were moments where she shared her faith and I know that what she shared resonated in our group.  What she shared made a difference.  In a time when we were all trying to find out who we were and what we thought we knew or believed, this young girl shared the gospel through her life.  She stood firm and really that was all she had to do.

So: To Laura,

"It's been years my friend...I have never forgotten your face or that time in my life when you were in it.  I can't ever thank you enough for the words you shared and the prayers you made on our behalf.  I remember that there were times you cried because you were going through your own things, but that never stopped you from providing a shoulder to lean on, sharing a smile, and always injecting optimism when needed.  Now that I am older...and believe it or not a bit wiser...I know that in our Christian walk we grow in experiences and that there are pivotal moments that change us and affect us.  Lorie, you will always be carved into my life because of who you were.  You may not have known it then and certainly not now that we haven't spoken in years, but you helped carry me through a period of my life with your friendship and your prayers...just by sharing Christ through your life...not defensively or offensively, just matter of factly with a smile.  You stood firm lady and for that I am eternally grateful.


A misfit who got to know Christ."

After thought: Although this letter is to Lorie, I'd like to state that there are many young kids in school, jr. High, high School, and post high school, that need to know that whether they know it or not, their examples of life in Christ is noticed and like the saying says, sometimes you will be the only church some people will ever know.  Stand in your convictions, stand in your faith. There are times when we want to do great things for God and we don't realize that in simply standing on our convictions and faith we can achieve greatness through Him and for Him.