God of Clarity

You know some people say that God is hard to figure out

But God is a God of clarity

And He speaks with absolute certainty about the unchanging nature of His promises to you and to me

You know He wants it to be without question that what He promised He will bring to completion and fulfillment

And even before we were aware

He had already provided us a hope as an anchor for our own sense of security

In fact, He swore by His own name because there was nothing else higher to swear by

That’s how clear God wanted to be

But what was the promise? And what was the hope?

The answer is Jesus. Jesus is the promise and He is the hope.

And like the old hymn that says

“Because He lives, I can face tomorrow…”

And out of the abundant nature of God’s love

He showed that as an expression and a gift to us.

And we want to share that

About what God is doing in our lives every day

And what God is doing in the world.