His Little Tooth

In the recent past, my wife and I saw the dying process. We saw the body slow down, break down and shut down. It was a terrible process. But another process is taking course now. My son is growing. His first tooth is budding and beginning to emerge from his gums. It is a dramatic reversal. We are seeing the process of life. We saw his body being created, forming and now strengthening. I love his little tooth. I celebrate it. I sing about it. I carried him in my arms and created a chant for it. It is a sign of hope to me. It is a sign of important things to come and memories to be made. The future is here. I must savor it. I must enjoy it. For those not here, I must live a beautiful life. Is there life after death? Yes. It is a very important life that we all need to live. If there is something about all this that I have learned it is this, death teaches us how to live. To live is Christ, to die is gain.