• Mrs. Lopez

Deep. Profound. Bite-sized.

My students and I analyzed Todd Beamer's words today. We talked about bravery, courage, and how both qualities require a fear that must be overcome. In a classroom, there are moments you will always remember. The time a student made you laugh with their innocence. The time one of your students brought you coffee. The time you realized your students really were paying attention. The time you felt like giving up but didn't.

Then, there are moments when students make deep, profound, bite-sized realizations that keep you, their teacher, speechless. Those moments are the ones you never forget. After my students read Beamer's words, they paused for a moment. After they let the words sink in, a discussion quickly sparked. I just listened to my students talk about the way these words made them feel. My favorite words were:

Student 1: "He showed courage!" Student 2: "He was fearless!" Student 1" "NO, he had to have fear. You can only have courage if you overcome fear." Student 3: "Yea, because without fear you have nothing to overcome." Student 2: "Yea. Actually, that makes more sense." Student 1: "Guys, let's roll."

Today, I remember this day for many reasons.

I caught a glimpse of what #neverforget really means.