Live Long

Maybe beaten within an inch of your life

Maybe the shine dimmed in the round of your eyes

But the bruised reed He will not let break

The smallest wick He will not let flame out

When the body begins to rumble and quake

Prayers on earth will rise with a shout

A thousand petitions plead your case to the Judge

He will execute justice for the faithful He loves

Your greatest Defender swiftly comes to your aid

To live life abundant is why you were made

Smiths brandish steel and men wield swords

War is waged by old kings and old lords

But God wields nature as a weapon and tool

He will not lose and neither will you

He made fire pour down the sides of the mountains

And waters rise up from underground fountains

He knit you together inside of your mother

When adversity came, He gave you your brothers

Your body was healed when Jesus' body was broken

Reclaim every reward from every promise He's spoken

Rise up man, breathe the breath of life

Go home, see your kids, give a kiss to your wife

You will overcome, the might of Heaven beside

Live long with dignity, live long with pride