Living Monument

Versión Español

You have a greater influence than you believe you have.

You must use it for good.

Your skill, talent, wisdom, character and conscience are gifts from God but not just for your own personal development and enjoyment.

Everything that you are and are to become are meant to be used to create opportunity for people to know God better. Everything is designed for Him and by Him. Your increase in knowledge and academia, your strength and persevering nature must be focused on lifting the name of Jesus Christ. For it is only in Christ that this world can be saved. We must not allow ourselves to tear the beauty of this world limb from limb. The world has become too evil.

Good men no longer have the privilege of remaining silent.

The world wants and needs guidance and structure. The world needs men and women like you. It needs your example of restraint. Your restraint in egotism, addiction, greed, obesity, and attention.

You are to be a living monument to self-discipline and purity. Purity’s power relies on its transparency because it cannot be slandered. It can only become more evident. The sun only becomes more brilliant the more we look directly into it. The light then becomes offensive. This is true of honest things. Our fear of public or social rejection cannot lord over our fear of negligence or of God. The lethargic and inept spirit that has found a home in many hearts must be eradicated. We must melt that cold wax that has encased our conscience. We must have a heart again. We must succeed. We are the guardians of this generation, not our ancestors. We are. It has to be us. We must leave the world a better place then we found it. We must recapture the heart of our youth. We must reincorporate the guiding principles of our civilization. We will do it. It begins now. Go and do what you were always meant to do.