Nearness Becomes Everything

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When there are no words to share to comfort or guide, all you can do is be there. Be in the moment with the one who has lost so much, who is losing so much or is about to lose everything. Just be present. To hug. To cry. To be held onto.

I heard some heartbreaking news this week.

Every week, my wife and I are given the privilege to give the weekly announcements in our home church. At least, that is how it started. Just five minutes of presenting the happenings of the church. We are just volunteers. Just a family. It was just the welcoming address. Soon it was so much more than that.

When I played violin at a church in Dallas with my friend Brian Ming leading worship, I heard him share something with the congregation. I don’t remember the exact words but he said something like, “Every Sunday you will minister to two types of people. The first group of people is a group who is excited and ready to celebrate. The second group is a group that is feeling low. They come with need. They need healing. You have to lead both groups in worship.” Something resonated with me.

Now, that my wife and I do the welcoming address at church, I think about this constantly as a point of guidance. But what do you say if someone dies prematurely? How do you comfort the family? This is where words fail. This is especially difficult when you so desperately want to give answers or give hope. You can’t. Maybe we’re not supposed to. We just need God’s presence.

His nearness becomes everything.

There are moments in life when you realize that the nearness of God is more important than anything. Than anything. My friend, if you carry that spirit of God within you, others will come to that realization sooner rather than later. Then you will realize that God can use you too. All you have to do is be there. Be where you are supposed to be. God will use you and that is a beautiful thing. This is how faith drives us forward and out of despair.

So carry the presence of God in you and be near the one who needs you. Let them feel your strength. Let them borrow your courage. Let them lean on your faith. Your nearness brings healing. “When the smallest step seems like miles away” you help them walk it.

- Fabian