Never Alone

Read this out loud passionately to yourself.

I will never be alone.

He never leaves us or forsakes us.

He is always with us.

He walks with us.

He talks with us.

He is not a ruler who leaves His people in need.

He is the soon coming King who arrives just on time.

He is ageless.

He is timeless.

The Eternal Rock that cannot be moved, shaken or reduced to ash.

His hands burrow deep into the earth to form the mountains that peak into the curvature of the sky.

The sea belongs to Him.

The canyons of the deep bear His markings.

He invented starlight.

He invented ice.

He assembled the functioning wings of the butterfly together.

He taught the eagle to screech and the whale to moan.

He weaves the the sinews of the preborn child in the womb.

He is matchless, faultless, and without measure.

No stone can ever break Him.

No fire can ever torch Him.

His love is resilient.

His grace is sufficient.

His mercy is new every day.

He has been from the beginning.

He will be until the end.

The Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last.

So I praise the Father.

I worship the Son.

I pray in the Spirit.

Because God is good.

I may have to endure suffering.

I may have to fight through pain.

But He restores, renews, and rejuvenates.

He knows the end of my story.

His Word brings me hope.

His Name brings me joy.

His Presence is peace all around me.

He is God and I am not.

So I bend my knee and recognize His crown.

He IS Lord.

He IS Master.

He is Creator and King.

He's so loving He knows me by name.

He's always home when I call out to Him.

I will never feel alone again.

Because He is not only God, He is also my friend."