Out of Egypt

It has been said “when the real leader speaks, everyone listens.”

This is what I like about the beginning of Exodus 20.

“And God spoke all these words”

The writer wanted people to pay attention to what they were about to read. This is why.

One of life's main purposes can be found in Exodus chapter 20. It gives insight into what we were made for. If you ever asked what on earth you were here for, part of the answer is right here in verse 2.

"I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery."

This verse is about redemption. This theme of redemption was not only a literal thing that happened in Egypt but is a metaphor for what God, Yahweh, has been doing for us throughout history. He wants us to be redeemed and have freedom.


The very next verse God gives us the 10 commandments. Did you catch the order? First redemption to have freedom, then righteousness to know how to live in that freedom. Once you experience the transformation that takes place in your life your natural response is worship.

God initiates the process. Redemption, righteousness, worship.

Your soul was made to worship. Our greatest goal in life is to have communion with God. Many people have trouble worshipping because, yes, they have been redeemed but they haven't learned to live in righteousness. They haven't experienced that transformation yet. But I say trust God. Follow his principles. I want your soul to be so filled gratitude that you have to worship to be able to express it all. I pray that for you.