Winds In Your Fist


You are our greatest mentor, our greatest example.

You show yourself mighty on behalf of the weak. You are the light of exhilaration and bewilderment to the blind man who has first received his sight. Your love is the blossoming flower of mercy that is wet with every morning's dew. Your hope is the immovable anchor that keeps our ships from sailing into darkness. You arm is not too short that it cannot reach us. Your name is the power of salvation for every soul. Your army flies on the wings of the wind rescuing the sons and daughters of God in times of trouble. Your life is the map that marks the path for every man’s journey. Your beauty is found in the faces of laughing orphans and in the content heart of widows. Your love is known throughout the world as the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son.

You are our greatest defender. You are our shelter in the night. You are the one who restores our names for your name’s sake. You are our friend that sticks closer than a brother. You are the strength in the lame man’s legs. You are worthy of frankincense, gold and myrrh. You are the priest who gives us counsel and intercedes for us. You are the prophet who awakens our souls and fattens our hearts with encouragement. You are the king who generously provides for your people.

There was never a battle you could not win. There was never a soul you could not save. There was never a man you could not use.

There has never been something broken you could not fix. You are a God of restoration. You know no weakness. You have never known sickness. It doesn’t belong where you are. You know no bitterness. You give new skin to the leper. You give a new heart to the broken. You bring life where death once laid silent. You make the dead rise.

You speak and creation obeys. The winds are in your fist. The oceans are in your cloak. The giants of the sea proclaim your creative greatness. They cannot forget your name because they fear you. You are more powerful then the most brilliant sun. You shake the earth with a twiddle of your finger. You heal cancer. You heal diabetes. You replace the sins of lust and hate with kindness and purity. You keep the virgin virgin. You keep the pure pure. You have shown yourself to be right time and again.

Your patience with us is extravagant. You will not give up on us, our families the generation coming after. As long as there is life, there is hope for your kingdom to come to earth. You are the light for the nations. You are the center. You are the answer. Jesus Christ, you are our banner of truth. May every soul confess your beautiful name. May every knee willingly bow before you. Amen.