Let words be uncaged

Break open the gate

Though things may be bleak

Say what they seek

Dark is the night

In the blackening day

You have the words

You know what to say

Speak out the Light

Your words carry fire

Of untamable Love

Silence the Liar

Stifle not the message

With paralyzed tongues

Truth is in your hearts

Of the songs we have sung

As a child, your memories

Reminding you now

You must hold to courage

You must show them how

As a leader, you're called

Speak up for your kin

Rise up Godly girls

Rise up Godly men

Like a bird rising

Into the breeze

Your voice should heard

Through mountains and trees

Faith is astounding

When it is heard

But how can they hear

If you don’t speak a word?

Let words be uncaged

Break open the gate