I am finally back home in Thailand! My time in America was really good but my heart always longed for the day I got to return to my home and my people. I know I am not Thai by nationality, although sometimes people here think I am half Thai, but God has really given me the grace to embrace them and see their potential in this season. It's a joy and a privilege to be here!

Jetlag couldn't stand a chance with the way I jumped back into action upon my arrival. I arrived at the capital on a Saturday late evening, flew to my city early in the morning the next day. After repacking and going to church I joined a large group of people on an 8+ hour bus ride to another town to help with a missions conference called Ablaze. Most of the time there were late nights with early wake-up times. I was physically exhausted in the evenings but it was so satisfying to see God at work in the hearts of the people who were attending the conference.

I could see that God was doing something deep in the hearts of everyone there and that seeds were being planted but I was especially blessed to see Him at work in the lives of the Thais. The lady in the picture (center) was destined to be at the Ablaze. She was not planning on staying since she was only dropping off her brother at the conference but somehow ended up staying for the whole conference. She was able to hear His voice regarding the lost souls and even have a visual picture of the world. As she shared her heart with me and a missionary friend, we saw that she was facing a major turning point in her life because she is currently a business woman and now is being called to the lost in her country and the surrounding nations. I know that Thai people are called to do great exploits and I am blessed to witness the seeds being planted in them as well as seeing the fruit come to fruition!

For the seven years that I have served under my missions agency, Go To Nations, I have always been reminded to not despise small beginnings and to persevere in the work of planting seeds of life that eventually will bear fruit. That eventually part can sometimes be the hardest part for me! But God is always faithful to remind me that the acts of love are never in vain. It was during this conference that was I able to see His faithfulness in this once again.

Lyn had the opportunity to use her barista skills in Thailand!

Lyn Lyn was the young lady that I mentored years ago when I served in the Philippines. She was able to come on her first missions trip to attend the conference in Thailand and to visit Myanmar and Laos with her team. Different people have been investing in her through out the years but one still rejoices to see the fruit of seeds that were planted long ago when I intentionally poured into her life. During the conference, she felt God speak to her about missions! I can still remember meeting her for the first time and seeing that she was very timid to lead in roles that I asked her to take for children ministries.

Lyn (center) was called to Go!

Somehow I was able to see past that and see the person God had called her to be. My biggest responsibility is to plant the seeds and it's the Holy Spirit's job to bring in the fruit. Rejoice with me because you are also a part of this amazing adventure of seeing lives transformed by the power of God!

Thank you for your continued support and prayers! Love, Yolanda

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