"Puro Lopez" Part 3

We are proud to announce that we have a new member on our Sueños Realizados team! We are now a family of three. Baby Lopez will be arriving in 2018! We will now be accepting donations to their college fund. Keep us in your prayers as we start this new chapter in our lives as parents.

Tentative Calendar of Events

Monday, August 28 – Hear Baby Lopez’ heartbeat for the first time. Okay everyone together say “Awwww.”

Baby Shower – TBA

Diaper Party - TBA

Thanksgiving Week – Gender Reveal Celebration! Team boy or Team girl? Choose wisely.

Spring Break 2018 - Baby sitting applications due possible interviews

April ?, 2018 – Baby Lopez Arrives

Saturday, April 23, 2033 – Possible Quinceñera or 15th birthday party

Saturday, June 7, 2036 – High School Graduation Party

Thursday, June 12, 2036 – Harvard Acceptance Notification

Take a look at how Janette Abbygail let me know!



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