The Unexpected Happened

Greetings!!! This update is long overdue and there is so much to update you on!

First, I'd like to update you on the photo shoot outing that I did with some of the ladies working in the red-light area. There were a few friends that were able to join to help with this outing since we didn't know how many women would actually join for this gathering. My heart was so full because a Thai friend was there to share a short message on true beauty and her relationship with Jesus.

(This is my Thai friend who shared her heart with the ladies at the photo shoot event. God's using her life to bring redemption and healing. It brings me great joy to witness Him confirm the calling over her life.)

I know several of you prayed for the event and your prayers were heard! Thank you! We were unsure of who would actually come but we prayed for the right people that God wanted there to come. Three ladies came and our time with them was so good! I could tell by the end of the event that these women felt beautiful, they felt seen, and they felt loved. These things were confirmed even more once I sent them their pictures. They expressed so much gratitude in response and I have a strong feeling that they will continue to come to future gatherings as well as become mobilizers for other friends to come.

(We had a lot of fun with the photo shoot! One of the activities involved getting a paper with an emotion and then showing the emotion for the photographer to capture it. Can you guess which emotion was captured here?!)

(A group picture of all of us! We prayed for no rain during the photo shoot and God literally held the rain back until we finished taking pictures. That was an answer to prayer!)

Our next outing will be a picnic somewhere scenic and we'll also have time to share more heart to heart conversations while we do our nails together. More to come on this outing happening at the end of the month!

In this season, I have a lot of things happening and I'm learning to manage my time wisely. I thank God that I get to do what I do here in this nation and I am very fulfilled because I am doing things that I am passionate about. I am currently helping with the Timothy Internship Program, an internship program under Go To Nations. I serve in many ways but in a nutshell, I assist the Thailand directors, David and Christine Anasco. It's not the first time that I've helped with the internship but I am constantly learning new things. I especially learned a lot during the first week of the internship when the unexpected happened! Both of the directors were sick and I had to help kick off the internship on their behalf. It stretched me because I wasn't anticipating to lead the first week but I felt His grace as decisions were made. My desire is that I will continue to lead with His heart and that I'll do whatever is necessary, under the leadership of the directors, for these six interns to step into their God-given destiny as future missionaries!

(Teaching on strategic prayer)

Thank you for all your prayers and support!



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