Strength In You

Sleeping mother please awake

For it’s not your dying day

The children praying by your side

Father’s waiting for his bride

God hears our daily pleas

Hearts yearning on calloused knees

The family circles united strong

Every day we move an inch

On this trek that's mountains long

Our goal is life, we will not flinch

We’ve passed the safety of the shaded garden

And moved as one through the valley of death

We carry the flag of faith with hearts unhardened

Our fuel is hope, we hope for life, we hope for breath

Raise the veils over your eyes

As we sing your song, soft and lyrical

Give us all this joyful miracle

Raise your head up to the skies

Return your laughter and soft touch

This is what we want and we want it so much

Sleeping mother please awake

It’s time to start life anew

Sickness from our sheets we shake

I see that strength of God in you

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