Our God is Miraculous

“God did extraordinary miracles…” Acts 19:11

He tells the rocks to give us water

Then He uses water to give us wine

He makes empty waters be filled with fish

And He makes an empty fish be filled with gold

He causes the heavens to bring people bread

Then He reveals He is the bread for all people

Our God is miraculous.

The rooster’s crow brings His conviction

A leaf in a dove’s beak gives His hope

A donkey on the road brings His correction

A baby in a manger offers His salvation

Our God is miraculous.

His fish opens up to swallow the prophet

But His sea opens up to free the slaves

He shuts the mouth of the hungry lion

But He puts words in our mouths and appoints us over nations

He sends fire to burn the sacrifice

But He doesn’t allow the fire to burn three men willing to be sacrificed for Him

Our God is miraculous.

He stops the sun to win the battle

And He shines a star to guide His men

He uses nothing to make creation

Then He uses red blood to wash us white like snow

A man is cursed if hangs from a tree

Yet the Son of Man who was hanged is a blessing for all people

After four days, Jesus raised his friend from the dead

Then after three days in a tomb, Jesus brings himself to life


Because our God is miraculous.